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  • Hi, I'm Christian Geis.
    Your Creative Consultant
    for a better experience.

    With over 20 years of experience in various markets, I have been able to gain relevant insights that enable a user-centered experience across all touchpoints in a complex digital ecosystem.

    After finishing my communication studies, I worked for various agencies or on the client side in management positions and realized sustainable projects together with a professional team in a results-oriented manner.

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  • Thought Leadership

    The Recovery Experience

    At the #automahealth2023 in Zurich I presented the story of a recovery experience, that matters for patients. In today's healthcare landscape, the term "patient-centered" has taken on a whole new dimension. I explain why conventional approaches often fail to achieve the desired patient goals. I explore the complex interplay of factors that shape the patient's path to recovery - from societal influences to personal experiences.

    You will also learn how patient data can be used to involve patients more closely in their medical care (keyword: patient integration) - and lead to valuable study results, answers and new opportunities.

  • Understand the process

    The Infinity Model

    The Infinity Model describes a repetitive process that can categorize your activities and define necessary measures. Strategic goals are linked to the operational process. Using various design thinking methods, we jointly develop a transparent and value-creating measure according to the phase, which can be continued in an iteration process.

    The Proof of Strategy and Vision compares the company's objectives with the customers' needs and adapts them in a user-centered way.

    These are set in steps on a roadmap with measurable targets which will be implemented throught the digital landscape and measured for optimization.

  • The Infinity Loop

A holistic view

Why creative experience matters

  • Discover the right strategy

    Understand the holistic picture of values and needs to build your lovebrand in a blue ocean instead of working against competitors in the uncertain red ocean.

  • Define the goal-oriented roadmap

    Set your goals on a milestone roadmap according to achievable and measurable parameters instead of creating a gap between strategy and implementation.

  • Empathize with your customers

    Define, what kind of job to be done fit to your customer need and get to know them better with every click in a complex digital ecosystem.

  • Grow with your learnings

    In order to close the infinity loop for growth and innovation, it is necessary to repeat these steps again and again in an iteration process.

Work together

Discover your opportunities

I would be happy to work with you and your team in the form of a discovery workshop or as lead consultant creative experience to explore the possibilities for a growth strategy in the context of your market-specific requirements.

The next steps will be to define actionables on a goal-oriented roadmap for an effective and efficient implementation.